Friday, August 17, 2012

The Day Before The Night

So, after 10 months of working on "Liberators" The Musical, after composing music for nearly 10 songs, and rehearsing with the cast for about 10 months, I am merely hours away from the premiere of my musical!

Am I nervous? Not as much as I feel like I should be, oddly enough. Shouldn't I be biting my nails in anticipation, worrying about what other people will say about our work? Not really. It helps that I'm confident in my cast, the script, and the music. After months of rehearsal, the cast has really connected with the script and music, taken a personal interest in perfecting their characters, and shown us a positive attitude even when things are tough. Even if the premiere doesn't match up to our expectations, or the high expectations of the cast members themselves, I will be pleased with what I've seen so far. From my experience rehearsing with these talented individuals, I know that this show has the potential to "wow" audiences and move their hearts.

Tonight we've got our last rehearsal where we will run through the show and get in Performance Mode, and we've got two performances tomorrow evening at 4pm and 8pm. The first is VIP only, where we invite particularly theater-savy individuals, and the second is open to the public, although both are held in UH's Moores School of Music in the Choral Recital Hall. I'm excited to see what people think, positive and negative alike; both kinds of comments will help us better craft our work.

If you're interested in attending the 8pm stage reading, the performance will be in room 160 of Moores School, which is located at: 120 School of Music Bldg Houston, Texas 77204-4017
We want as many people there as possible to reveal our work, so please attend if you're interested in seeing the product of 10 months of collaborative work.

I'm not too nervous, but that is not to say that I am not excited! The product of my and my playwright Eric Jones' imagination is about to come to fruition which is a fantastic experience. The last 10 months, I've had a strong purpose in my writing and creativity while composing the songs, revising the script, and making preparations for this stage reading. It is this strength of purpose that I feed off of, and I hope to never live a day of my life without striving for goals as ambitious as this one. If I can write a great musical before I'm 21, who knows where my career will take me in the future. But, the years of the distant future are not the ones that press on my mind, but rather the exciting future that lies ahead of me tomorrow.

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